May 11, 2020
Workshops Day
3 practical workshop tracks for you to choose from:

01. Interface Design Workshop

A full day with Vitaly Friedman, Editor-in-Chief, Smashing Magazine

Smart Interface Design Patterns, 2020 Edition

In this entirely revamped workshop, Vitaly Friedman (co-found and creative director of Smashing Magazine), will cover practical techniques, clever tricks and useful strategies you need to be aware of when working on interface design today?

02. UX Writing Workshops

A full day with Yael Ben-David, UX Writer, Fundbox

Creating your Brand Voice

We will go through the steps of defining your product?s voice and understanding your users? personas. Learn what your product should talk about and how it should talk?

Writing Accessible & Inclusive Microcopy

You will walk away with a broad understanding of accessible and inclusive user experience and tools to improve your product?s usability for all?.

03. UX Research Workshops

2 Workshops with Tova Pearl Safra and Molly Stevens

The Essential Guide to User Research

You?ll learn how to validate your ideas lightning-fast, and make data-informed decisions about what to build for your users. Together, we?ll practice simple, fun, human prototyping methods that you can use to test out any idea on your target audience…

Early Stage Research Workshop

We often rush to bring in users, when there are some quick refinements that can be made to the concept beforehand.? In this workshop we?ll talk through, and then practice, two methods for gathering feedback on your digital product or services…