Meet our speakers from around the world

How to Win Friends & Influence Design

Yossi Nachemi, UX Writer at Google/Waze

What’s Arranged Marriage got to do with Product Design?

Jay Dutta, Senior Vice President of UX, MakeMyTrip.com

Designing Innovation: The Art of Intentional Wandering

Molly Nix, Product Designer, Facebook Product Experimentation

The UX of Privacy

Vitaly Friedman, Editor-in-Chief, Smashing Magazine

The Essential Guide to User Research Workshop

Tova Pearl Safra, Independent UX Researcher

Game Design Thinking: The Play Centric Approach to UX

Dori Adar, Founder, Hands on Games

UX Salon Host

Didi Medina, Independent Product Consultant

Adapt or Die: The Survivor Guide to Emotional Design

Talia Wolf, Founder, Getuplift

UX Research: Learning Locally, Acting Globally

Molly Stevens, Director of UX Research, Booking.com

Designing your Design Process

Collin Whitehead, Head of Brand, Dropbox

Microcopy for Complex Products

Yael Ben-David - UX Writer, Fundbox