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Speakers - UX Salon 2020
Meet our speakers from around the world

Microcopy for Complex Products

Yael Ben-David - UX Writer, Fundbox

The Essential Guide to User Research Workshop

Tova Pearl Safra, Independent UX Researcher

What’s Arranged Marriage got to do with Product Design?

Jay Dutta, Senior Vice President of UX, MakeMyTrip.com

How to Win Friends & Influence Design

Yossi Nachemi, UX Writer at Google/Waze

UX Salon Host

Didi Medina, Independent Product Consultant

Game Design Thinking: The Play Centric Approach to UX

Dori Adar, Founder, Hands on Games

Designing Innovation: The Art of Intentional Wandering

Molly Nix, Product Designer, Facebook Product Experimentation

UX Research: Learning Locally, Acting Globally

Molly Stevens, Director of UX Research, Booking.com

Designing your Design Process

Collin Whitehead, Head of Brand, Dropbox

Adapt or Die: The Survivor Guide to Emotional Design

Talia Wolf, Founder, Getuplift

The UX of Privacy

Vitaly Friedman, Editor-in-Chief, Smashing Magazine