Independent Researcher

Tova Safra

Tova has over a decade of experience in design, research, and management. She helps entrepreneurs and business owners use experience design to solve complex challenges of growth and engagement. User research is her favorite part of any design process, since that?s where most ?aha!? moments will happen. Tova has led training and education workshops in user research, helping others to make use of simple techniques for both small and large budgets. She holds a Bachelors of Industrial Design from Pratt Institute in NY and a Masters in Design Management from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem.

UX Salon Workshop

The Essential Guide to User Research

User research is your secret weapon; a powerful tool that can help guide your design process by uncovering the insights you need to truly innovate, and provide deep value to customers. But not all teams know how to do this effectively. They might assume that it?s too time consuming, or that it?s too late for them to embark on a research mission. Fortunately, this is never the case.

In this workshop, I?ll show you super quick and easy user testing methods that can save you both time and money, no matter what stage your product or company is at. You?ll learn how to validate your ideas lightning-fast, and make data-informed decisions about what to build for your users. Together, we?ll practice simple, fun, human prototyping methods that you can use to test out any idea on your target audience.

You?ll take home:

  • A framework for understanding what your users really want
  • Strategies for asking the questions that?ll get you the most accurate and actionable answers
  • Worksheets for the basic types of user research methods as well as lesson cards that will make it easy to structure and record your work.