Director of UX Research, Booking.com

Molly Stevens

Molly has 18+ years experience in understanding the needs of users in a variety of domains around the globe. She looks to build diverse cross-functional teams that can deeply understand the similarities and differences in user needs and behaviors.

UX Salon Talk

UX Research: Learning Locally, Acting Globally

We will explore how UX Research zooms and scales to accommodate complexity across all possible dimensions. We all know that understanding user needs is at the core of our success in tech. As our users become more savvy, our cultures and technology more complex, how can we bring back insights that are quick, relevant and impactful? We’ll talk through ways that we have changed how we work and the impacts that we have had in the last year.

UX Salon Workshop

Early Stage Research Workshop

We often rush to bring in users, when there are some quick refinements that can be made to the concept beforehand.

In this workshop we?ll talk through, and then practice, two methods for gathering feedback on your digital product or services – one on your ideas, one on your planned survey. With a little rigor, anyone can use these to get early stage feedback, before you spend time and energy getting users.

We will cover:

Cognitive Walkthough
Cognitive walkthroughs are used to examine the usability of a product. They are designed to see whether or not a new user can easily carry out tasks within a given system.

The biggest benefit of a cognitive walkthrough (or walkthroughs) is that it is extremely cost-effective and fast to carry out when compared to many other forms of usability testing. It can also be implemented prior to development during the design phase which can give rapid insight before budget is spent developing an unusable product.

Pre-Testing A Survey
Very often, before the user starts experiencing the product, a brief pre-test interview is conducted. Sometimes, this is done in a questionnaire before we meet the user in the session. This interview focuses on helping us understand the user?s attitudes, goals and behaviour related to the business or usage of the product under testing.

Key Takeaways:

  • Quick methods for ensuring you?re gathering the right data
  • Ensure you have eliminated the major issues with concepts