Product Designer, Facebook Product Experimentation Team

Molly Nix

Molly Nix is a product designer building zero-to-one products on Facebook’s New Product Experimentation team. Over the last decade, she’s had a wide range of experience as a Design Lead across a number of consumer technology companies ? from the Self-Driving Uber, to the guest experience at Airbnb, and creator products at YouTube. She earned her master?s degree in Human-Computer Interaction and her bachelor?s degree in Communication Design & HCI, both from Carnegie Mellon University.

UX Salon Talk

Designing Innovation: The Art of Intentional Wandering

How do you use the design process to gain conviction on new product opportunity areas? When designing brand new products, a number of unique challenges emerge ? from exploring a broad solution space, and developing novel research techniques to adapt to evolving needs. Last year, Facebook created a new team called New Product Experimentation (?NPE?), whose mission is to create brand new apps outside of the existing Facebook family of apps. Design has become an integral part of the product development process of NPE, and this talk will dive into the role of design on 0-to-1 initiatives and the process of innovation.