Creative Director, Founder of Hands on Games

Dori Adar

Dori Adar is a Game Designer, keynote speaker and the founder of Hands on Games, a gaming school based in Tel Aviv. Dori has released more than 30 games to the app stores & web, accumulating over 100 million downloads to date. He conducts game design workshops for UX/product teams in industry-leading companies such as Google and Wix.com, and presented his work at international conferences such as TEDx, Peach Kucha and more.

UX Salon Talk

Game Design Thinking: The Play Centric Approach to UX

One of the hardest challenges for UX Designers is to motivate users to take action. Whether you are helping your users engage in something new or unknown, onboard, or just want to motivate your users into using into giving your product a try, Game Design Thinking can guide you.

In this highly interactive talk, the participants will learn how to create a ?playable blueprint? of any product. Then, shuffle its ingredients into a set of engaging features that will move users to action. This method will help you design any product in a playful way that will truly engage with your users.