Head of Brand and UX Writing, Dropbox

Collin Whitehead

Collin’s team defines, guides, makes, and manages creative for the Dropbox brand. Since joining Dropbox he has led the creative process for the overhaul of the visual identity system, voice and tone, IPO, and new company mission. Prior to Dropbox he was an Executive Producer at West Studios working with startups to build and launch their brands. Collin?s roots are in advertising where he got his start at Goodby Silverstein & Partners.

UX Salon Talk

Designing your Design Process

Creative teams that use better process design not only avoid burnout, but make more meaningful work. In this session, Collin will talk about strategies and tactics to get your creative team thinking ahead, creating more time and space for new ideas to flourish and building a sustainable model for impactful work. You?ll learn how your team can become more proactive, more strategic and better able to anticipate the changes that are part of every business.