How to convince your boss

Are you looking to level-up your UX skills while making awesome industry connections?
Tell your boss that you want to come to the best conference in town, learn advanced topics and enhance your professional skills. We’re looking forward to meet you here at UX Salon 2020.

Benefits for All Attendees:

  • Get inspired and reinvigorated by listening to cutting-edge topics. You?ll get back to work ready to kick it into high gear! Implement all your new knowledge!
  • We build up to this conference all year. World-renown speakers are carefully selected.
  • We hand picked talks that will inspire you and give real life skills.
  • Lectures (and workshops) include advanced topics, for people already working in the industry. See our Agenda.
  • Meet and mingle with professionals from all over the globe.

Are you coming from abroad?

  • All English! Even though you?ll be in Israel, you?ll feel right at home at UX Salon 2020, which is held entirely in English.
  • Get first-hand exposure to the Israeli tech ecosystem. Learn from amazing local professionals. We?re called ?Startup Nation? for a reason!
  • The price is right. Our conference is significantly more affordable than equivalent industry conferences because we charge in shekels, not dollars.
  • Tel Aviv has been listed as a Forbes top destination for 2020! See why for yourselves.
  • Visit Tel Aviv for the nightlife and arts scene, then Jerusalem to explore its culture and ancient history.

Here, we?ve made life easier for you. Just copy-and-paste this template into an email to your manager. Feel free to edit to match your tone of voice.

Subject: UX Salon in Tel Aviv, May 2020

Dear [Best Boss Ever],

I?d like to ask for your approval to attend UX Salon 2020 (2020.uxsalon.com) that will be taking place in Tel-Aviv on May 10?11, 2020.

I know that our company values innovation and creating the best UX for our users. Keeping up to date on industry trends and investing in continuing education is critical, and to that end I would like to propose sending our team to the UX Salon 2020 Conference in Tel Aviv this May.

I believe that attending a conference there will teach us the newest developments in UX, inspire us, and allow us to apply our new knowledge to our product here at home.

At UX Salon 2020, we will be able to learn from top industry professionals from all over the world, representing the largest and most state-of-the-art tech companies, while networking with other international attendees. We will be able to get our company?s name out and to network with top talent. Going abroad will also expose us to a new culture and will let us return to work inspired and reinvigorated. All this at a more reasonable price than many of the other top-tier UX conferences worldwide.

Summary of Costs

If we do decide to go, we can get a great group rate.

Thank you for caring about our professional growth and for considering sending us to UX Salon 2020.

[Best Employee Ever]