Welcome to Israel
Coming to Tel Aviv
Conference (May 10-11) + Jerusalem Guided Tour (May 12)

UX Salon Welcomes International Visitors

The conference is 100% in English

We?re looking forward to host you here. Come meet the people of endless spirit and experience Tel Aviv’s wonderful sounds, tastes and sights. Oh, and that ever-shining sun (The average weather in Tel Aviv in May is 24?C), only about 3-4 hours from most major European cities. Note that on May 19 we are going on a guided tour to Jerusalem. Reserve your spot here

Tel Aviv is the cultural, financial and commercial heart of Israel. A cosmopolitan center on the seafront, with fine sandy beaches, a marina, restaurants, pubs and culture on tap every day of the week. The architecture of the 1930s and 1940s still survives alongside the clean lines of the tall modern buildings. The refurbished port of Jaffa with its archeological sites, a famous flea market and myriad of restaurants, is home to new Immigrants, Israelis and Israeli Arabs, both Christian and Moslem.

Tel Aviv is a 40-minute drive on a modern highway, from the holy city of Jerusalem and is an hour?s drive from Haifa, set in the beauty of the Carmel mountain range that acts as a backdrop to the sparkling golden dome of the Baha?i Shrine and Gardens. One hundred years ago, Tel Aviv was only sand dunes, today it is The City That Never Sleeps.