March 10, 2019 - 7:28 AM
Take the shuttle Bus to UX Salon 2020
Forget about traffic and parking, take the shuttle bus to the conference.

Join our ride to UX Salon 2020.

Sign-up below, but don?t be late. the bus leaves exactly at 7:28 from the Tel Aviv Savidor Central Railway Station. More Info Here

Departure from Tel Aviv Savidor Central Railway Station
7:28 AM
The bus we?ll wait in Tel Aviv Savidor Central Railway Station starting at 7:10 AM. We will depart to the Conference exactly 7:28 AM (don?t be late)

Return from Airport City
Return from Airport City at 5 PM. First stop: Savidor Central Railway Station. Final stop Soluto Tel-Aviv (for the After Party)

Transparent Cost

Renting a 52 seat bus back and forth from Tel Aviv cost 1638 NIS tax included.

Sharing the cost

Dividing the cost to 52 people equals 31.5 Per ticket. No profit to the conference.

Fraction from the cost of a taxi

Together we can enjoy a safe and affordable ride to the conference.